AquaDig Vacuum Excavation is a safely focused business, who’s mission is to be your first choice provider in our infrastructure. AquaDig have over 20 years experience in civil construction and over the years we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the services we perform. AquaDig understand the importance of safety requirements and time frames and thrive on exceeding our customer expectations with high quality performance.

Here at AquaDig we take pride in our fleet, with our operators maintaining the vehicles and units on a day to day basis. Our fleet are kept up to date with vehicle and unit servicing due to communication between operators and office staff with an electronic program, which details documentation of service diaries, inventory checks, pre starts, etc.. If break downs were to occur onsite, AquaDig operators are mechanically minded to fix problems promptly, otherwise AquaDig have an on call mechanic and electrician that is able to get to site immediately with minimal down time.

AquaDig employees are certified in confined space which allows AquaDig employees to identify high risk activities, and enter and exit in the correct and safe way. AquaDig’s management team are also certified to issue confined space permits, this allows AquaDig to be time efficient for our customers.



Vacuum Excavation

Drain Cleaning


CCTV Pipe Inspection


Management System

24 x 7


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