AquaDig Vacuum Excavation offer the latest technology CCTV Pipe Inspection Units operated by qualified CCTV Pipe Inspection specialists, that inspect all forms of drainage requirements from 50mm – 1000mm in diameter.

Why use CCTV Pipe Inspection?

CCTV Pipe Inspections are a vital process in the construction hand over period. CCTV is used to inspect new constructed pipes for council approval, discover causes of blockages, inspect and grade damages to the inside of structural pipes, to inspect old drainage, electrical conduits, etc.. The CCTV Inspection process is time efficient and cost effective.

Aquadig's CCTV Pipe Inspection Unit includes:

• 300 meters in cord length
• Full inclination
• 360° pan, tilt & zoom
• Reports given on site after completion of project


AquaDig Vacuum Excavation offer the service of Pipe Patch Repair operated with a team of fully qualified operators to repair pipe lines from as small as 50mm diameter. Any pipe material can be repaired to their structure strength.

What is Pipe Patch Repair?

Pipe Patch Repair is different to Pipe Relining. Patch Repair is a small to medium sized circumferential fiber glass patch that is made with a mixture of synthetic resin and a hardener, that is placed on a packer that expands to the pipe size with air compression.

Pipe Patch Repair, the advantages of this service.

Pipe Patch Repair is a time efficient, cost effective method of correcting damaged pipes. Pipe Patching is an easier and much cheaper method of repairing pipes as our method prevents roads and grounds to be re-dug to retrieve and replace the damaged pipes.

Services included with the Pipe Patch Repair:

• Drain Cleaning of the damaged line
• Pipe patch repair
• Re-CCTV of repaired line to ensure the damage has been rectified
• Reports of the repaired line

To find out more about Aquadig's fleet of Vac trucks, please call Aquadig and the friendly office staff will be more than happy to assist.