Vacuum Excavation, also known as ‘non-destructive digging’ or ‘hydro excavation’, is a process used to remove materials from the ground with a pressurized water and vacuum source.


Vacuum Excavation is now a more preferred method of digging as it minimizes environmental impact rather than conventional digging methods such as the use of excavators. Vacuum Excavation digging can remove almost any kind of material or surface with out damaging existing underground utilities. Vacuum Excavation is also convenient when it comes to size limitation where an excavator can not simply fit, Vacuum Trucks have a long stretch of suction and gernie hoses used to dig whilst the vehicle is located in another area many distances away, this helps prevent damage to gardens, homes, fences, etc.


Pot Holing

All Kinds of Trenching

Tunnel Boring

Clean Outs

Material Removal

And many more...

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